With retailers prematurely shipping Intel's next generation processors, Corsair has introduced a few complementary memory kits - six to be precise. Designed for Intel's Core i5 750, i7 860, and i7 870 Lynnfield CPUs, the lineup consists of four 4GB kits which consist of two 2GB modules, and two 8GB kits comprised of four 2GB DIMMs.

Among the six pairs offered, four are in Corsair's XMS line, one is of the Dominator line, and the final is a Dominator GT kit. The modules come in an assorted spectrum of frequencies, four at 1600MHz and the other two are 1333MHz and 2000MHz respectively. Three of the kits, including the fastest, have a CAS latency of 8, with the remaining three at 9.

All of the modules operate at 1.65V or less, and the Dominator and Dominator GT offerings have DHX+ heatsinks, which are compatible with Corsair's liquid cooling system. The new lineup is available immediately, and is backed with Corsair's lifetime warranty.