One of the biggest reasons an unhappy Windows users may be on the fence about buying a Mac is the re-education required. On top of having to learn an entirely new set of programs and tools, they are then faced with data migration. Granted, the process much easier today than ever before, but it can seem like a daunting task to someone who has never laid hands on a Mac.

Parallels, makers of the most popular Mac virtualization suite, are targeting that crowd with the launch of Parallels Desktop "Switch to a Mac Edition." The software is a blend of their virtualization suite and transitional education - making the switch even less intimidating.

With Mac sales on the rise and a growing market in which to roam, Parallels believes that there is an ever-increasing demand for a streamlined way to make the change. They believe Desktop Switch to a Mac Edition fills that void, with training tools ranging from tutorial videos to reference guides. This is on top of what Parallels already offers, which is a (relatively) seamless way of running Windows on top of a Mac host.

Why is this important? For Parallels, it's obvious. They can only grow if there is an increasing need to have Windows applications on a Mac. Naturally, you don't appeal to that by asking developers to make native Mac software ports; you instead encourage Windows users to switch - who will be reluctant to let go of software they are already comfortable with.

In this aspect, Parallels wins regardless. They either convince people to work with them step by step in switching, or they let people switch but still keep their standard Windows programs. That's a smart move by Parallels, even if it does leave a lot of unanswered questions.