YouTube has modified the policy of its partnership program in a way that they hope will make money for both them and content submitters. The site is planning to increase the number of ads that accompany its viral videos. Just yesterday, we reported that the popular video sharing service was looking to turn a profit by baiting new advertisers.

The updated model looks simple on paper. YouTube will contact owners of videos that explode in popularity and ask if they'd like to show ads on the content. YouTube will then split the revenue with the content owner. The exact ratio for the split hasn't been disclosed, but according to YouTube spokesman Aaron Zamost, "very popular videos can make thousands of dollars a month."

Prior to this plan, only the most prolific users were invited to participate in the YouTube Partnership Program. Under that program, select users are raking it in. Back Stage mentions a 16-year-old boy known as "Fred," who earns six figures a year. The change makes it possible for one-hit wonders to profit considerably.