Despite having already trumped the Yorkfield lineup with their Bloomfield, soon-to-be-released Lynnfield, and distant Clarkdale chips, Intel is reportedly preparing to launch two new Core 2 Quad processors. The 45nm Yorkfield-based Core 2 Quad Q9500 and Q9505 may enter the market as watered down versions of the Q9550.

The Q9500's features will be parallel to those offered by the current Q9550, with an identical 2.83GHz core and 1333MHz FSB clock frequency, and a 95W TDP. The difference will supposedly be in cache size. Instead of the Q9550's 12MB of cache, Intel's new entry will only have 6MB. Even more confusing, the Q9505 will share identical specifications with the Q9500 - except it will pack VT-d and TXT.

The presently available Q9550 and Q9400 can be found online for $220 and $190 respectively, so if the new flavors are launched, expect to see them tagged somewhere in between the two. Intel's Lynnfield-based chips are expected to hit the scene on September 8, and that may also affect prices.

Meanwhile, over in Sunnyvale, AMD is prepping their fastest Phenom II X3 CPU yet. The Phenom X3 740 will run at 3.0GHz with a total of 7.5MB cache. There is no word on whether the X3 740 will be an unlocked Black Edition processor, but it's expected to arrive in September.