A rumor is floating around that Apple and AT&T may be gearing up to bring new carrier-specific features to iPhone users in an attempt to boost customer satisfaction levels. The new functions would be delivered through a software update, and are being outlined by sources claiming knowledge of the matter.

According to those in the know, the companies may enable the two new capabilities before the year is up. One of the proposed functions would allow iPhone users to customize a push notification in the form of a badge, message, or sound, which would alert them when they're in danger of exceeding their monthly anytime minutes.

The second setting would bring new voicemail options that allow users to disable the custom Voicemail greeting, as well as AT&T's standard Voicemail introduction heard by others. It would also allow users to bypass Voicemail greetings, AT&T's standard introduction, and other automated instructions when calling other AT&T customers.