As expected, Apple unveiled new iPod models across the board today which bring added functionality and lower prices. A recovered Steve Jobs took the stage for the first time in almost a year to announce that over 225 million iPods have been sold since its introduction in 2001, with the iPod touch representing 20 million of that number and contributing to an overwhelming 74% market share.

Starting at the high end, Apple touted an update to the iPod touch line that will see it packing the same processing platform as the recently introduced iPhone 3GS -- meaning they now support improved graphics with Open GL ES 2.0. This is true for both the 32 and new 64GB models, priced at $299 and $399 respectively, while the last-gen 8GB iPod touch will remain available for just $199. There doesn't appear to be a built-in camera, however, contrary to all the rumors.

Moving on the iPod classic was updated with a 160GB HDD but kept its $249 price tag. On the other end of the spectrum, the shuffles are now at $59 for 2GB, $79 for 4GB and come in black, silver, pink, green and blue. There's also a polished aluminum 4GB version for $99.

Last but not least, Apple's iPod nano got a revamp and is now available in capacities up to 16GB. Its design remains mostly unchanged from the previous model, if not for the larger 2.2-inch display, but gains a built-in camera and mic for recording 640 by 480 pixels, 30 FPS video -- apparently it does not take still photos. After years of dismissing the feature, Apple has also added an FM radio tuner to the nano, as well as pedometer and voice over functionality. The 8GB iPod nano is priced at $149 while the 16GB model goes for $179.