Showcased earlier this year at CeBIT and officially introduced in April, OCZ is finally shipping its Z-Drive. Curiously, this news comes at about the same time Super Talent introduced its 2TB RAIDDrive -- call it a coincidence if you want. The Z-Drive houses four SSDs linked via RAID 0 and uses the PCI-Express x8 interface.

According to OCZ's press release, the Z-Drive will ship in two varieties: the MLC-based p84, and SLC-based e84. The MLC kit boasts a maximum read/write speed of 750/650MB/s, and 10,000 IOPS, while the SLC version bumps that up to 800/750MB/s and 16,000. Both models will ship with a three-year warranty and in 256GB or 512GB capacities, but only the MLC-equipped p84 will be available with 1TB of storage.

Amazon has yet to update the Z-Drive's status ("usually ships in 1 to 3 months"), but the drives are currently listed with prices that range from $1,561 to $3,369.