As one of the earliest proponents of solid-state technology, Super Talent has enjoyed a fairly positive reputation in the SSD industry. Though Intel came along with very powerful, competitive gear and Seagate was lurking around with threats of legal action, Super Talent has continued to innovate.

Late last year they entered the enterprise SSD market -- generally the domain of much larger companies -- and were one of the first to push for lower SSD pricing. Now they are targeting the very top-tier of SSD demand with their 2TB RAIDDrive.

Aimed at enthusiasts, businesses and the enterprise all at once, Super Talent's RAIDDrive rely on a PCI-E connection, and are configurable from 1TB to 2TB in size. The promised speeds go as high as 1.4GB/sec -- many times faster than the quickest mechanical SATA-II disks can achieve.

While the company claims it will be available to everyone, the RAIDDrive's price says otherwise. The lowest-cost units seem to start at around $5000 -- or $320 more than our dream PC. Still, the thought of one powering your home desktop is pretty attractive.

It isn't surprising that Super Talent has brought this behemoth to the market. They were the first company to offer a finished 512GB model as well, so size has definitely been on their agenda for a while.