If you bought an Acer laptop in the past year and have noticed that it is toastier than you'd expect, it may not be just your imagination. Acer has recently issued a recall notice for a handful of their Aspire models, warning people that a few versions of the laptops have issues with overheating. In this case, five different models of the Aspire are affected. Acer has pieced together a site where you can submit the serial number of your laptop to see if you are affected, in which case Acer presumably replaces it.

It isn't just a casual overheating issue they are worried about, which is common enough among many types of laptops. In this case, it seems the overheating can actually result in physical damage to the chassis of the laptop and even cause it to become deformed. That's hot – and the built-in microphone cable is to blame. Acer's fix appears to be a replacement of said cable, though not much more detail is available.