Google has slipped an updated feature into the ever-growing Google Docs platform, with the introduction of folder sharing today. Though folders were initially included in Google Docs as an afterthought, there has been at least some demand by users to share entire folders, rather than having to share each file individually. If you have an office that relies heavily on Google Docs, it's easy to see why that would be advantageous.

In addition to having just the folder sharing, there is also the added side benefit of better security. The folder sharing functionality supports individual file permissions for documents inside, making it trivial to change permissions on a batch of files. Other additions to Google Docs today include progress meters for files when uploading batches.

All of this goes back to Google attempting to offer a full cloud-computing environment, regardless of context. Not everyone needs servers in the cloud, but almost everyone could use office environments in the cloud – or least Google hopes so.