Update: In a blog post, Google also announced an agreement with Twitter that will also include real-time updates from the micro-blogging service in Google's search results. Google says it is looking to launch a tweet-filled search product in the coming months.

Original story: Microsoft has reportedly agreed to a deal that will include real-time updates from Twitter and Facebook in Bing's search results. The non-exclusive arrangement may pose a threat to Google, which dominates the search market. For the first time, data will be available through Bing that is not present in Google's search results – that may change, however. Both Twitter and Facebook are supposedly talking with Google to arrange a similar deal.

According to AllThingsD the integration won't occur for a few weeks – possibly months. In the meantime, Redmond launched a beta page today, which shows popular topics on Twitter, and Facebook update feeds are to be added at a later date. During a demonstration, the latest incarnation of the company's search engine was called "Bing Wave 2," and was said to be about real-time information.

When asked whether the real-time Twitter feed would influence actual Bing results, Microsoft's vice president of online services, Qi Lu, said "This is just the beginning. There's a lot of signal from Twitter, but the signal is still evolving. We can use them to augment today's search experience, but it's very early to say what we want to do with this." Lu also hinted at other possible deals with Twitter.