While Apple is working on official Mac support for Windows 7, Psystar is busy engineering the exact opposite. The Mac-clone manufacturing Psystar has announced the release of "Rebel EFI", which will facilitate installing the latest version of Mac OS X onto PC hardware. People who use the Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 and other Intel based systems will have the option open to them.

Psystar is charging for the privilege of running OS X on a PC, though they are introducing Rebel EFI at a discounted rate of $50. Many OS X fans are surely dedicated enough to pay a premium for it, and since Apple provides no avenue for this, Psystar is filling a niche. They'll also be supporting their endeavors, committing themselves to testing user-submitted hardware for compatibility.

Psystar's actions of course run afoul of Apple, who has continually tried to put Psystar out of business. Psystar is a tough company, having survived bankruptcy and numerous legal campaigns from Apple. Will their continued antagonizing of Apple be met with more lawsuits and legal threats, or will Cupertino eventually concede that users want what they want, regardless of how Apple feels?