Apple released the second security update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard today, bringing the operating system up to version 10.6.2. As you might expect, the release contains a number of feature enhancements and dozens of bug fixes, including one for that infamous glitch that was destroying people's personal accounts after they purportedly or not logged in as a guest on their computers. Unfortunately for "Hackintosh" users, it has also been confirmed to drop support for Intel's Atom processors.

Among the general issues addressed in the update are a problem that could cause a system to logout unexpectedly, Spotlight search results not showing Exchange contacts, reliability of VPN connections, VoiceOver performance, video playback and performance issues with the latest iMac models. There are also fixes and improvements for handling fonts, graphics when using DVI to Mini DisplayPort adapters, Mail, MobileMe, AFP networking, printing, and better plug-in reliability in Safari.

You can read the complete Mac OS X 10.6.2 changelog here and grab the necessary update for your system on Apple's support downloads site or using their Software Update utility. The size of the download may vary from 157MB to a whopping 479MB depending on the current state of your system.