Motorola's new foray into the world of smartphones, paired with Android, appears to be going quite well. According to initial analysis following up the first weekend of sales, current estimates indicate Motorola has sold at least 100,000 of the new Droid, around half of the total supply that retailers had available. With considerable less hype surrounding it than other phones and a limited presence in stores, that's not a bad figure. It remains to be seen if the device has staying power, which will likely be influenced largely by Google and the Android Market.

Exact sales figures aren't available, with this number being only an estimate. Still, it's good news for Motorola as well as Android. If the trend for the Droid follows anything resembling the BlackBerry or iPhone, the availability of apps will determine its future. Many are optimistic, with some predicting that Android will take a firm hold of the market in less than three years.

Android has yet to have a "runaway success" that makes it easy to believe such predictions, but small victories add up, and the Droid is certainly a good start for Motorola.