Kingston has introduced a new HyperX memory kit for Intel's LGA1366 Core i7 platform. The kit consists of six 2GB modules that run at 1600MHz and 1.65 with a timing of 9-9-9-27. The modules support Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP), which should make things easy on you when it comes time to tweak some settings. Having been designed for use with Intel's Core i7 9xx processors, Kingston's new RAM offering is mostly aimed at system builders and "heavy-users".

Kingston says enthusiasts who deploy 12GB of Kingston HyperX triple-channel memory will find performance increases in such tasks as video encoding, processing large photo files, graphical rendering, and demanding PC games, as well as overall system performance when using a 64-bit OS -- though, I gather that most wouldn't notice a dramatic real-world difference with typical use.

Kingston's new 12GB HyperX RAM kit will launch with an MSRP of £262.33 (about $440), and will ship with a lifetime warranty as well as free 24/7 technical support.