The upcoming cloud-base game-streaming service OnLive just got a little bit cooler. According to the company CEO Steve Perlman, OnLive is capable of running on mobile devices, such as Apple's iPhone. Perlman demonstrated the service simultaneously on two iPhones, a TV and a computer during the recent Wedbush financial conference in New York.

Through a mobile phone, users will have access to their OnLive friends and other community-oriented functionality, like the ability to spectate live gameplay. Unfortunately, the mobile features will not launch alongside the full service -- nor is there an estimated time of arrival -- and it is only being considered a tech demo.

Perlman noted, it's "important to understand that a cell phone is a very different beast than a TV, PC or Mac." He elaborated by saying that while the company is thrilled about eventually bringing many new games to cell phone platforms, titles on OnLive are currently only tuned for TVs and computers.

OnLive entered a closed beta-testing phase in early September, followed by a public beta later in the month, and the company has yet to announce an exact release date or price.