Ubisoft Montreal's Kevin Shortt has confirmed this week what many already suspected: development on the third installment of the Far Cry series is underway. He didn't offer much of anything in the way of details, only that so far things look "pretty exciting."

Last year narrative designer Patrick Redding mentioned that a sequel would likely retain an African setting, but apparently that concept it is being tossed out the window. Antarctica has also been referred to as a possibility. It's also probable the game will be based around an improved version of the Dunia engine, a heavily modified version of the CryEngine specifically built to handle complex real-world physics within a sandbox environment.

So… to sum up we have no solid details regarding the setting, plot, game engine, or platforms, but it's still good to have confirmation for a new installment of Crytek's groundbreaking original. If you haven't played the series yet, Steam is selling the first two episodes for less than $30 -- or less than $20 if you act quickly and get in on their holiday sale.