AMD vs. Nvidia - Are they even playing the same game? In the GPU world there are many flavors, despite the perception that you either get AMD or Nvidia. There is Matrox, WildCat/3D Labs, S3, VIA and a few more. But in the end what you hear the most about are NVIDIA and AMD. These two companies are compared back and forth in a game of favorites that would make a selfish 4 year old proud. Still, can you really compare them in equal terms? TweakTown

Microsoft: Project Natal to replace remote controls The forthcoming Project Natal motion control technology could replace the television remote control in the future, automatically scheduling content according to the people in a room, according to comments made by Xbox Live general manager Marc Whitten. GamesIndustry

Google Chrome OS available for Dell Mini 10V If you've got a Dell Mini 10V netbook, you could be rocking Chrome OS before the evening comes. Liliputing reports that Doug Anson of Dell has cobbled together a workable copy of Chrome OS for the Mini 10V using the source code released earlier this month. He and his team have hacked in all the needed hardware support, and they've put it up on the Internet for free. I4U

Activision says "Call of Duty" series tops $3 billion Activision Blizzard Inc said on Friday its "Call of Duty" video game franchise pushed past the $3 billion mark in global retail sales. Overall, the "Call of Duty" series has sold more than 55 million units since its launch in 2003, Activision said, citing data compiled by NPD Group, Charttrack, GfK and internal company estimates. Reuters

Spot on: 15 years of Warcraft Blizzard game design chief Rob Pardo and lead designer Jeff Kaplan discuss acclaimed fantasy franchise's long history, from Orcs and Humans to the World of Warcraft phenomenon. GameSpot