Microsoft has announced that Games for Windows Live will receive Games on Demand on December 15, essentially becoming a full-fledged game distribution platform. As implied by its name, Games on Demand will allow users to purchase and download titles from their PC.

While this concept is hardly new (think: Steam, D2D, Impulse), Microsoft said its offer won't just be a "cut-and-paste version of existing digital distribution services." Without citing any particular innovations, the company said it has worked to develop an integrated platform that "takes full advantage of the unique capabilities offered by the Live service."

Games on Demand will launch with various titles, including Resident Evil 5, Red Faction: Guerilla, and Battlestations: Pacific, as well as new exclusive Live-enabled versions of games like World of Goo, Osmos, and Tinker -- the latter of which will be free. Pay titles will be purchasable with either a credit card or Microsoft Points.

Where do you think Microsoft's game distribution platform will fit amongst the competition?