Our latest double-packed giveaway is now over, and time to announce the first winners has finally arrived. Special thanks to everyone who participated in either contest, in total 288 TS members took part in the giveaway.

As usual we've drawn our official winners, gathered some interesting statistics, and got ready to announce upcoming prizes for our next and last giveaway before the year is over. Enter here for the results.

First, let's take a look at statistics for our picture gallery drawing, good for winning a BenQ LED Mini Projector and Aten USB KVM:

Picture gallery contest facts...

  • 255 total screens were used to show the TechSpot homepage
  • 213 were computer screens between monitors and laptops
  • 33 smartphones were used and another 9 shots came from various devices like PSPs, Nintendo DS, TVs and projectors
  • 47 members participated -- in other words, your chances weren't too bad
  • 5.42 was the average number of screens used by contestants
  • The max. number of screens were shown by Basher with 24 total, closely followed by Kibaruk (20), Drasho (19) and Puiu (16)

And the winner is... ken777!
Congratulations. Your entry with 6 PC screens was randomly selected as the winner of the BenQ LED Projector and Aten USB KVM. Please respond to our announcement email, so we can get the prize sent your way asap.

Our second giveaway consisted in commenting our daily news coverage. Remember this is a random drawing for the first of three winners. The first winner will get the chance to choose from one of these prizes: (1) ATI Radeon HD 5850 + Aten USB KVM, (2) Barebones OCZ DIY netbook, (3) OCZ Sabre programmable keyboard + Aten USB KVM.

Upon receiving a response from the first random winner, we will select a second who will choose from the remaining prizes, and so on.

News comments contest facts...

  • 3700+ news comments were made during the contest period (from both participants and non-participants)
  • 247 members signed up for the challenge
  • 9.94 was the average number of posts made by contestants
  • About 15% of participants posted over 20 comments
  • Almost 40% of users posted > 5 comments -- meaning we had a lot more participation this time than in our last giveaway

We really hope you enjoyed participating in the comments, joining your fellow TS readers weighing in on the latest tech happenings.

And the winner is... ET3D!
Congratulations. With a total of 63 comments posted during the contest (of which only 40 counted towards the drawing, as ruled), you were randomly selected as our first winner in this part of the giveaway.
Prize selected: ATI Radeon HD 5850 graphics card

Second winner announcement: Congratulations buttus!
Prize selected: OCZ Barebones DIY netbook

Third winner announcement: Congratulations Chazz!
Prize: OCZ Sabre programmable keyboard + Aten USB KVM

Please respond to our announcement email, so we can get the prize you want sent your way asap.

To all the members who participated... Thank you again for making TechSpot's news coverage more interesting than ever. And specially thank you for keeping the discussion down to earth. We are grateful of having you around forming part of the TechSpot community.

Our next giveaway...

We have one more giveaway planned before the 2009 is over. Here are the prizes we have lined up so far: