Google has finally released betas of its Chrome Web browser for Mac and Linux. Like the original Windows version, Chrome for OS X and Linux attempt to unite a clean, simple design with a responsive and speedy browsing experience. Most, if not all of the noteworthy features present in the Windows version have carried over (such as each tab running in a separate process and the Omnibar), but there are a few additions for both new releases.

For example, the Mac beta integrates features like OS X's built-in sandbox system, spell-checker, and Keychain -- not to mention that 73,804 lines of Mac-specific code were written. Meanwhile, Google designed the Linux version to have tight integration with native GTK themes, updates that are managed by the standard system package manager, and more.

Google did note one small, and hopefully temporary bummer about the OS X version. While Windows and Linux users have access to more than 300 extensions, they "aren't quite beta-quality on Mac yet." If that's okay with you, download Chrome here: OS X | Linux