It would seem that Redmond has plans to offer a downloadable copy of the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. First introduced in May, the Windows 7 Touch Pack includes several applications and games that are compatible with touch-enabled displays.

It was initially only intended to be packaged with OEM systems, but the official page suggests that has now changed: "The Touch Pack comes preinstalled on some multitouch PCs running Windows 7, and will soon be available for download." For further confirmation, Neowin received word from a Microsoft spokesperson who said, "Microsoft is planning to make it available via download soon but has not confirmed/committed to a timeline."

The software bundle features programs like Microsoft Surface Globe, a multi-touch 3D globe with information about regions, 3D cities and more. Other applications include Microsoft Surface Collage, Microsoft Surface Lagoon, Microsoft Blackboard, Microsoft Rebound, and Microsoft Garden Pond. Neowin has detailed the Windows 7 Touch Pack if you're interested.

It's also worth noting that the Touch Pack can be downloaded from countless unofficial sources if you don't want to wait for Microsoft.