Industry sources have reportedly informed DigiTimes that Asus is "making preparations to launch" a new tablet PC. The tipsters claim Asus' device is named "Eee Pad" and is inspired by Apple's mysterious tablet, which is expected to debut next year. Supposed features include a 4-inch or 7-inch display with a "combination of tablet PC and MID functions." Apart from those few details, little information is currently available.

In other Asus-related news, the company announced that it would reduce capital by 85% by spinning off its contract manufacturing unit (Pegatron) to focus more on its own brand identity. A new company named "Pegatron Investment Holdings Company" will manage the spun-off property.

As part of the split, Asus will issue a chunk of shares, 25% of which Asus will hold, and 75% will be distributed among shareholders. It's unclear whether Pegatron Investment Holdings will offer manufacturing services exclusively to Asus, or if it will also supply parts to other companies.