In recent weeks we've shown you two very different hardware solutions for safeguarding and sharing computer data depending on the scale of your actual needs. The first device was a rugged, portable hard drive aimed at road warriors who need to take their storage on the harshest of environments. The second, an impressive 8-bay NAS station targeted at businesses that require nothing but the highest levels of performance and capacity.

Depending on your budget and requirements there's a host of other technologies you could opt for when planning your backup strategy, be it a secondary hard drive on your computer, flash drives, a home server, or even plain old CDs and DVDs. But of course, hardware is just one part of the equation -- you'll have to install some sort of software to handle backups automatically or train yourself into performing them manually on a regular basis.

Everyone's got their own approach for ensuring their personal files are kept safe from disaster, but is there truly a perfect backup solution? In this edition of our Weekend Open Forum we want you to share your backup strategy -- if you even have one. Mine is rather simple and admittedly not perfect. Media and any other large files go straight to a stationary external hard drive (which I'll have to replace soon), while smaller day-to-day personal and work-related stuff is automatically backed up online and available everywhere through my Dropbox account. How about yourself?