Those of you who were eagerly anticipating getting your hands on Sony's PlayStation 3 motion controller sometime this spring will have to wait a little longer. The company has officially pushed back the release by six months as it looks to ensure a wider variety of compatible titles at launch, which they plan to disclose "soon."

The delay means losing the launch advantage it had over Microsoft's Project Natal system, which is slated for a fall release just in time for the year-end holidays, though we're probably better off waiting a bit more than getting half-baked implementations in advance. The new controller is designed to work with the PlayStation Eye camera, which tracks the glowing ball mounted on its end, and reflects the precise movement within the game.

This sort of gameplay was pioneered by the Nintendo Wii more than three years ago, which helped them bring a whole new audience to the video gaming world -- an audience that both Sony and Microsoft are now after.