Cable and satellite TV providers are scrambling to smother or otherwise capitalize on the rise of Internet-based video. From free user-driven sites like YouTube, to paid services like Netflix, video streaming is here to stay.

Media center software like Boxee makes it easy to visit all of your favorite content streaming sites, manage your local libraries, and even interact with friends or family through popular social networks. While this might be handy on your standard desktop or notebook PC, Boxee and similar programs really shine when used for home entertainment.

This is no secret, of course. Unlike major media conglomerates Boxee and some hardware makers are not only going with the flow, but are helping create it. Small proprietary computers capable of streaming HD media are increasingly prevalent in the marketplace, and building a powerful HTPC is easier and cheaper than ever.

With that in mind, we want to hear about your home theater setup. Has an HTPC taken over your living room? We bet a lot of you are at least taking advantage of the Xbox 360's and PS3's media streaming capabilities. Have you kicked your cable company to the curb? Do you have any advice for someone who might be looking into the subject? Feel free to show off by posting a picture on the forum and if you need an image host you can use the TechSpot gallery. Discuss.

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