AMD has pushed out 2010's first batch of Catalyst drivers, complete with the usual round of performance improvements and bug fixes. Catalyst 10.1 brings a 3% speed increase to Left 4 Dead 2 and Crysis on Radeon HD 5700-series cards, and a 4% to Crysis on the 5800-line.

Bug fixes span from Windows XP to Windows 7, and you can read the release notes here (PDF). A summary of the fixes along with download links is below:

  • [Catalyst Control Center] The display order will now reflect changes properly when Eyefinity is re-arranged while desktop is rotated to portrait mode
  • Hot unplugging one of the displays in an Eyefinity configuration no longer causes rotation modes to disappear from Catalyst Control Center
  • [Catalyst Control Center] Enabling LCD Overdrive will no longer cause mouse cursor to magnify when moved overtop of the "Calibration Preview"
  • Firefox now works properly and video no longer drop frames when playing Youtube clips with Adobe Flash Player 10
  • [Catalyst Control Center] Newly added custom modes will now appear properly in desktop area tree view
  • Confirmation dialogue window will now appear when setting up Eyefinity mode
  • 120 Hz is no longer missing from display modes for specific digital displays
  • Overscan/underscan issue no longer occurs when setting displays to HDTV modes
  • Performance drop no longer observed during some scenes of Resident Evil 5cinematics
  • Blocky grass and trees no longer visible in Unigine "Heaven" in OpenGL mode

Download: XP 32-bit | XP 64-bit | Vista 32-bit | Vista 64-bit | 7 32-bit | 7 64-bit