From the early days of the blogosphere, there's always been a fashionable Web company everybody seems to love talking about, justifiably or not. In most cases we've tried to steer clear from these trends, like with Twitter, giving the Web service its fair share of coverage while remaining skeptical on its long-term viability as a standalone product.

Regardless of our opinions, it remains a fact that Twitter has experienced tremendous growth over the last couple of years, surpassing every competing social network except for the two monsters that are Facebook and MySpace.

Depending on who you ask, you might be told that Twitter is used for personal micro-blogging, as a promotional tool, RSS reader replacement, as a live search engine, among the many other uses people have come up with for the 140-character messages.

However, it's no coindidence I'm asking you about Twitter this late in the game. Despite its popularity, Twitter seems to suffer from poor retention rates. Users often discover it and find the concept appealing enough to register an account, only to drop it a day, a week or a few months later to never come back. This happened to me and is happening by the thousands, so we ask you, do you (still) Twitter?

Feel free to share your account in the comments, and let us know what your thoughts are on the platform as a whole. Discuss.

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