Cablevision has introduced a new service called "PC to TV Media Relay" that will allow its digital cable subscribers to view computer content on their TV. While many of you probably already have a solution in place, the service might be a great option for less tech savvy folks. PC to TV Media Relay could also appeal to someone interested in reducing clutter, as it doesn't require additional wires or hardware.

To accomplish such a feat, users will have to install a piece of software on their computer. Content can then be "securely" fed in real-time over Cablevision's network to a dedicated cable TV channel in the home, allowing Cablevision customers to access anything from documents and photos to music and videos on their TVs. This includes Internet media from sites like Hulu -- something that might cause Cablevision trouble down the road.

Cablevision plans to launch a trial of PC to TV Media Relay by June. While it won't initially be available on Apple computers, the company is working on Mac-friendly software. Cablevision also said the technology that powers PC to TV Media Relay might also be extended to "other consumer devices."