Although Microsoft has repeatedly denied having an interest in developing its own-branded mobile phone, more proof to the contrary has surfaced. Two newly discovered FCC filings resemble the long-rumored Project Pink handsets that leaked last summer, dubbed Turtle and Pure.

Less than two weeks back, a device filed as the Sharp PB10ZU was discovered. Not only is it a spitting image of the distinctly stout-looking Turtle, but it shares the same CDMA support, Bluetooth, camera, Wi-Fi, and center-mounted 3.5mm headphone jack.

Today, another device was unearthed, and ever so coincidentally, it resembles the Pure. The phone also happens to be manufactured by Sharp, and carries a similar model to the Turtle (PB20ZU). Few other details are available, but some speculate that it may use Nvidia's Tegra. It's also believed that the phones will be co-branded as Microsoft and Sharp.

In semi-related news, the first Windows Phone 7 device may launch sooner than expected. It was previously believed that the first round of phones would hit shelves this holiday season, but LG is reportedly preparing to release a handset running Microsoft's latest mobile platform as early as September.