A couple weeks after buying and subsequently discontinuing reMail, Google has acquired Picnik, a web-based image editing site. Financial terms of the deal haven't been disclosed, and it's unclear what Google plans to do with the service.

The search giant did say, however, that it would work hard on "integration and new features." It would also like to continue supporting all existing Picnik partners, which currently includes services like Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Mail, and Photobucket. After the merger, Picnik accounts and settings will remain unchanged. For instance, users won't need a Google account or have to register to use the service.

Launched in 2005, Picnik has 20 employees and offers both free and premium photo-editing packages. Users can use features like crop, color-correction, auto-fix free of charge, while the paid service includes more tools, gets rid of ads, and starts at $2.08 per month.