A top Chinese Internet regulator has warned Google that it will face "consequences" if it follows through with plans to stop censoring search results in the country. After discovering a series of a China-based cyber attacks, Google pledged to end censorship in the country, and even threatened to shut down Google.cn.

Google and China have since been in talks, discussing the search company's future. At a press conference today, Li Yizhong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology said that he hopes "Google can respect Chinese rules and regulations." Yizhong said that violating Chinese laws is irresponsible, and said those who do are "unfriendly" and "will have to bear the consequences."

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Wednesday that he expects to reach a conclusion soon. People close to the situation say the company could stop censoring Google.cn within weeks, but isn't likely to withdraw from the country entirely. Likewise, analysts say China is unlikely to allow unfiltered search results, so a resolution to the standoff should be interesting.