Belkin has launched a new range of routers which it claims are capable of doing more than just silently connect devices in your network. The new Surf, Share, Play, and Play Max are the first routers to embrace the concept of apps, with each model bundling different sets of utilities to handle things like playing music, games, and HD videos as well as share photos and print wirelessly from anywhere in your home.

Apps include Memory Safe for backing up photos and files to a USB hard disk, Print Genie for printing to a USB-connected printer, Music Mover for playing music through an audio streaming device like an Xbox 360, Daily DJ for custom playlists based on your mood, Torrent Genie for downloading files when your computer isn't on, and Bit Boost to prioritize traffic on your network for video, gaming, or VoIP.

Granted, you can already do all this with other software using wireless routers or NAS devices currently on the market, but Belkin claims that they make the job much easier for novice users. The routers will cost from $50-$130, depending on the model chosen. All models have pre-set wireless security and incorporate Belkin's dual-plane antenna positioning, along a "unique implementation of MIMO technology" to provide a consistent signal, even through walls and floors.