Not to be outdone by Toshiba and its recently unveiled MK7559GSXP drive, Western Digital today announced it has begun shipping Scorpio Blue notebook hard drives in 750GB capacities. According to the company, this drive is the industry's highest capacity 2.5-inch hard disk drive to reach the market in the standard-height (9.5mm) notebook form factor, boasting a 375GB per-platter design for greater areal density and WD's Advanced Format technology.

This means the drive is a good 3mm flatter than most other large-capacity 2.5-inch notebook HDDs available. Besides offering plenty storage space in a tiny package, the new 750GB Scorpio Blue spins at 5400RPM and sports 8MB of cache, a 12ms seek time, and SATA 3Gb/s interface. The drive draws a maximum of 1.6 watts under heavy use, 0.65 watts when idle, and a minimum of 0.2 watts when a sleep or on standby.

Western Digital says the 750GB Scorpio Blue is available now through selected distributors and resellers for a suggested price of $149. A 1TB version (WD10TPVT) is expected to ship in the coming months using a 12.5mm height form factor.