Stepping up its game, Sprint announced today that it will offer a new money back guarantee next month. Starting tomorrow, April 1, new customers will be able to test drive the carrier for 30 days. If after that period you're unsatisfied and want to cancel your service, the company will offer a full refund. The same promotion applies to existing customers adding a new line.

What exactly does a "full refund" mean anyway -- there must be a catch, right? Assuming your handset is undamaged, Sprint will repay you the monthly service plan charges, the activation fee, and the purchase price of your phone. Additionally, the company will waive the ETF (Early Termination Fee), the restocking fee, as well as all taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with the aforementioned charges.

You are responsible for expenses not included in your plan, such as premium content, third-party billing, international charges, and any taxes and Sprint surcharges incurred from such extras. Still, it's a step above competing companies that often stick customers with things like activation and restocking fees.