Many anticipate the arrival of Microsoft's motion technology, Project Natal, and beyond wondering how well the device actually works, a couple major questions remain largely unanswered: What games will support it, and how many developers will jump onboard at launch? After all, what good is a new controller technology without anything to control?

At this point, we know Fable 3 and a handful of other games will support Natal, but THQ reportedly has a $30 to $40 million project tucked away. Despite having some cool ideas, THQ exec Danny Bilson said the company is waiting for Natal's install base to grow before starting development.

Bilson also noted that Natal's game experience hasn't matured yet, and THQ's concept will max out the technology. Although that title may be a few years away, Bilson said that THQ has one "awesome" Natal game coming this year that Microsoft's "really excited about," plus "a bunch" of family and kids games.