Like it or not, 3D technology is being rolled out this year, and it's not just destined for big screen TVs. Nintendo last month revealed plans to incorporate the technology in a new handset, the 3DS. Today, Sharp unveiled what could possibly be the display Nintendo is using in its DS successor.

Aimed at small devices, the display measures 3.4 inches (480x854), is touch-sensitive, and doesn't require special glasses to view 3D imagery. Looking past its 3D capabilities, the screen can be toggled to 2D, which has better-than-average specs, such as a 500cd/m2 brightness and a 1000:1 contrast.

Having a 3D-ready, glasses-free device in your pocket sounds fantastic, but the technology isn't perfect. Some folks point out that the screen must be viewed head-on and held around 30cm away for optimal 3D effects -- and images are a bit blurry regardless.

Naturally, people don't use handhelds at fixed distances or viewing angles, so using the display could become frustrating.