Last year around this time, the Pre was being paraded as a potential iPhone killer. For one reason or another, things didn't quite pan out in Palm's favor, and the company's once hot handset is now all but forgotten. Such has prompted Verizon to slash prices on Palm's lineup, and the company is practically giving the handsets away.

Verizon has lowered the Pre Plus from $150 to $50 and the Pixi Plus from $50 to $30 when you commit to a two-year contract. Additionally, the carrier is offering a buy one get one sale, so for those exact prices ($50 and $30) you can receive an extra Pre or Pixi. As the cherry on top, Verizon is offering its Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi tethering service free -- it used to be $40 per month.

Despite its limited popularity, the Pre is still a very capable handset. If you're a Verizon customer looking to hop on the smartphone bandwagon, this seems like the perfect opportunity.