Verizon's begging you to buy a Palm phone

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Last year around this time, the Pre was being paraded as a potential iPhone killer. For one reason or another, things didn't quite pan out in Palm's favor, and the company's once hot handset is now all but forgotten. Such has prompted Verizon to slash prices on Palm's lineup, and the company is practically giving the handsets away.

Verizon has lowered the Pre Plus from $150 to $50 and the Pixi Plus from $50 to $30 when you commit to a two-year contract. Additionally, the carrier is offering a buy one get one sale, so for those exact prices ($50 and $30) you can receive an extra Pre or Pixi. As the cherry on top, Verizon is offering its Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi tethering service free -- it used to be $40 per month.

Despite its limited popularity, the Pre is still a very capable handset. If you're a Verizon customer looking to hop on the smartphone bandwagon, this seems like the perfect opportunity.

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If I were a Verizon customer I'd hop on this in a heartbeat.
Really great deal right there...


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I would be a little more skeptical of jumping on this deal. The phone itself may be pretty good, but more then half of the use of a smart phone these days involves the additional apps that you buy or get for free. Apple and Google both have much better app selection currently, and guess what will happen if Palm keeps going down? Your support will vanish and no new apps will be made as developers will always target the systems with the most customers.

If you can make do with the standard feature set then by all means go for this. Just consider what you need (and my need) from a smart phone before jumping on to palm.


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A capable phone indeed. However, Palm put it's last dying hopes on the PRE and sadly it just hasn't taken off as hoped. The IPhone, Android's and Blackberry's have killed Palm. Verizon is basically unloading their final inventory and look for them to be dropped once they're gone. Palm is done.
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