North American researchers have exposed what appears to be a spy network targeting the government of India and other countries with the intention of collecting highly classified and sensitive data. Reminiscent of the "Ghost Network" found about a year ago, this so-called "Shadow Network" proves to be even more extensive, more sophisticated and focuses on the broader whole of the Indian government instead of just the Dalia Llama.

The primary vector of attack is malware -- as was with the Ghost Network -- which created a distributed network of information pilfering linking back to China. Compromised data may have included confidential documents regarding leading political opposition groups along with documents concerning Indian relationships with Russia, the Middle East and West Africa. Despite being mostly focused on the Indian Government, the Shadow Network also targeted the Dalai Llama's offices, including numerous private companies and the Pakistan Embassy in the U.S.

As typical with any cyber-criminal activity seemingly Chinese in origin, the Chinese government has denied any ties to the Shadow Network and perhaps rightfully so -- It is thought this is actually the work of a Sichuan-based Gang but few details are available at the moment.