"Shadow Network" steals sensitive Indian government data

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North American researchers have exposed what appears to be a spy network targeting the government of India and other countries with the intention of collecting highly classified and sensitive data. Reminiscent of the "Ghost Network" found about a year ago, this so-called "Shadow Network" proves to be even more extensive, more sophisticated and focuses on the broader whole of the Indian government instead of just the Dalia Llama.

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China really needs to do something about cyber-attacks. They are loosing reputations points faster than ever and they are doing nothing to improve the situation. (unless they are the ones behind everything)


I wouldn't say the government is behind it, but the kind of information stolen has a very limited market. So perhaps a government is 'outsourcing' the crime, or the people behind this know that a government would pay top dollar for it.


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It's quite unnerving to see how rapidly real life is beginning to reflect the imaginings of science fiction writers.


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I smell a movie plot! India / Bollywood, China with its kung fu... this would be fun to watch!


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the spelling of the Dalai Lama is wrong in the first paragraph. its written "Dalia Llama."
the Chinese government may be in a way supporting these attacks as they are doing nothing about it.
Chinese hackers have created a lot of mess in recent times which led to the scuffle between China and Google.


It is odd that the Chinese government isn't tearing the country apart looking for these guys (if they are indeed from China). After all, a group like this would (or should) pose a significant threat to their own cyber operations.
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