Intel's first quarter financial results are in, and the company has posted a profit of $2.4 billion on revenue of $10.3 billion. The chipmaker's income was a smidgen higher than the last quarter of 2009 ($2.3 billion), while revenue fell a bit from $10.6 billion. Looking back further, the latest figures are a stark contrast from a year ago, when the company reported a profit of $647 million on revenue of $7.1 billion.

Intel says it witnessed record mobile microprocessor revenue last quarter, while the average selling price of CPUs was "slightly up." Meanwhile, PC Client Group revenue was flat, Data Center Group fell 8%, and surprisingly, revenue from Atom processors and corresponding chipsets dropped 19% to $355 million.

The company predicts that it will close the second quarter with revenue around $10.2 billion, give or take $400 million.