Reportedly a tightly-lidded topic, more details regarding Google's security breach last January have emerged. Perhaps the most alarming news is that Google's password system was likely pilfered.

Google employees use many of the same systems offered to its users, such as Gmail. From what is known about January's cyber break-in which sparked the company's move out of China, hackers were able to access the source code to Google's central password system, "Gaia". This type of valuable information arms hackers with the capacity to more clearly pick apart Gaia's weaknesses, possibly leading to future exploitation.

Despite the real danger this information presents, it is important to note that no user passwords were stolen; merely the authentication system which Google uses to tie together its broad range of services. Also, Google executives claimed significant changes had been made as a result of the China-based intrusion. These changes have no doubt further concretized Google's already well-regarded security.