Solid-state product launches seem to have let up from last year's onslaught, but don't think for one minute that companies aren't preparing the next wave. According to Fudzilla, Intel has "big plans" in store for the holiday season. Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, the company will introduce drives that are far more capacious than its current 160GB flagship.

Intel is working on SSDs based on more efficient 25nm MLC NAND flash memory, including 160GB, 300GB, and 600GB models which will supplant the company's existing 34nm second-generation X25-M range. Shortly thereafter, the company will launch a high-capacity 1.8-inch iteration, which will supposedly reach at least 300GB.

Although Intel will presumably sell both models to the general public, Fudzilla says the 1.8-inch variant may also be destined for home entertainment electronics, such as camcorders, as mobile computer manufacturers still tend to rely on the 2.5-inch form factor.