It seems AMD will be making some important inroads into the notebook market with their latest mobile chips. Following the recent launch of over a dozen AMD-based HP laptops, Reuters is reporting the company has nabbed no less than 109 design wins for a "new generation of power-efficient chips" due next week. This is a two-fold improvement from the "over 50" design wins it expected with the Tigris platform announced back in September 2009.

The report stops short of mentioning the actual platforms being launched, but looking at AMD's roadmap for 2010 these should be Danube and Nile. The first is aimed at the mainstream notebook segment and will feature quad, triple and dual-core 45nm CPUs codenamed Champlain; while Nile will make up for AMD's ultraportable platform with 45nm Geneva dual-core processors , DDR3 RAM, and DirectX 10.1 integrated graphics.

Notebooks with AMD's latest CPUs will start showing up "as early as June" in systems from the likes of HP, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo. Given the timeframe we suspect most will be announced in or around Computex. That said, we already know Acer is getting ready to launch a 10.1" Aspire One featuring a single-core V105 processor clocked at 1.2GHz. This chip is supposedly the slowest member of the Geneva lineup, uses a 512KB L2 cache, and has a TDP of only 9W.