NEC has announced the development of a new video identification technology that could help curb the piracy of movies and other content. The company's unnamed technology can detect illegal videos online in as little as two seconds (60 frames) with a very high accuracy.

NEC boasts that its lightweight nature allows even consumer-class desktops to match approximately 1,000 hours of video in one second, with detection rates of 96%. It's said the technology rarely slips up, having only five false positives in a million.

The technology works by generating a compact signature – about 76 bytes per frame – of the suspect video, which is then compared to a signature of the original content. It finds alterations such as caption overlays, analog copies, as well as those captured with a camera in a theater.

NEC hopes its creation will significantly reduce the time, cost, and inaccuracy associated with manually seeking out illegal videos online. It has already been approved as the final draft and it should be published this September. It will be demonstrated next week at an expo in Tokyo.