Even though 2009 appeared to be the year that was going to mark a wider adoption of SSDs and a big nosedive in prices, ultimately only part of that came to realization. Things have slowed down a bit during 2010 with SSDs still gaining ground albeit at a much slower pace than predicted. Prices have stagnated after some big cuts in previous years, that combined with a number of issues that every new wave of SSDs seem to face, have made for a combination that only enthusiasts and performance junkies seem to be willing to pay.

Recent history tells us that we've already come a long way from the pricey first generation drives that suffered from severe slowdowns. Last year we ran two round-ups of solid-state drives that on its majority represented a big leap in performance over anything a traditional hard drive could offer. Newer and faster products keep coming, just last week we checked out OCZ's Vertex 2 based on a new SandForce chipset. But as we noted in our conclusion, new SSDs also present the question of reliability over the long term. Even almighty Intel, the most resourceful of manufacturers, has fallen prey to buggy firmware updates when showing brand new SSD solutions.

Personally, I upgraded to a first generation Intel X-25M drive which I use to this day and I've never had to look back. I retired my WD Raptor hard drive to use as secondary and next time I buy a laptop it will have an SSD in it. That's been my story with SSDs, but how about you? Have you made the jump yet? If so, when and what drive do you run these days? If not, what's holding you back? Discuss.