Antec is preparing to unleash the Dark Fleet chassis series, which consists of four members: the DF-10, DF-30, and DF-35 mid-towers, as well as the DF-85 full tower. Targeting enthusiasts, the quartet is roomy enough for the latest jumbo-sized graphics cards and multi-CPU motherboards, while its gusty "TwoCool" fans supposedly discard heat like nobody's business.

The enclosures also feature two "Antec-exclusive innovations" called Fleet-Release and Fleet-Swap. Fleet-Release is a front panel system with variable-speed LED fans, fan controls and filters in a single modular package that clicks into place. This gives quick and easy access fans, filters, and Fleet-Swap, which is a set of hot-swappable SATA drive bays.

The press release doesn't make it perfectly clear how the models differ, but only the DF-85 features lockable drive bay doors. All four Dark Fleet cases will be available through typical retail and e-tail channels next month, and they're backed by a three-year parts and labor warranty. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing at this point.