Antec Dark Fleet chassis line to ship next month

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Matthew DeCarlo

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Antec is preparing to unleash the Dark Fleet chassis series, which consists of four members: the DF-10, DF-30, and DF-35 mid-towers, as well as the DF-85 full tower. Targeting enthusiasts, the quartet is roomy enough for the latest jumbo-sized graphics cards and multi-CPU motherboards, while its gusty "TwoCool" fans supposedly discard heat like nobody's business.

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I really like the look of the front "grill work" on this. I've had an Antec 900 going on 3 years now and it's been the best case I've ever had by far. Doing a new build next spring so considering the success I've had with Antec, I'll definitely keep my eye on these. Looking forward to the reviews on them.


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I love Antec case's. Have 3 at work here and the tool-less setup is so easy to pop up the drive trays. And I love my Antec 300 black illusion I have at home.

I think this new case looks sweet, just hate to see the price tag. Have to pay for all that quality :p.


I've seen it advertised at 179$ CDN...

It does look pretty nice but i'd love to see Antec flip the HDD bays 90 deg. so that cables can be routed at the back...


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I'm a long time user of Antec cases, going back to the Sonata, P180 and P182 on recent builds. I appreciated the design and consideration towards heat, but the last 2 relied to much on plastic tabs which do break easily. I hope that the quality of how side-doors attach to the chassis is considered.

As Guest said, I'd also prefer a side facing drive insertion mechanism with cables routed behind the drives, but I think they keep it front to back for the high performance drives with heat sinks to get proper air flow around the cooling fins. (Think WD Velociraptor performance drives, etc.)


Looks kinda cool better then the HAF series which remind me of gas cans.
I have a 902 and i love it although it has a few design flaws.
The pita front air filter cages which i know is just a door swing access on the new design.
Also the useless side panel fan position that has no clearance if you have a decent hsu.
Looks lower in the new design so you can cool your gpu without hsu problems.


The Dark Fleet is a major dissapointment for me. I'm a system builder and utlize the Antec 1200 and Silverstone Raven for all of my builds (in the past year or so). The DF series look decent because they [Antec] carried over some of the elements from the Antec 1200, yet, for this very reason, the DF seem like a cheap upgrade or step above the Antec 1200. I think they took a step backwards in this generation of enclosures. In comparison, the HAF-X is bulky, but pay attention to the overall design of the case; everything blends together nicely and CM added new features within the case. In comparing the HAF-X and DF, there is no question that HAF-X is the winner. Antec stands a better chance with the "Antec 1200 vs. HAF-X" showdown.

I think if Antec could somehow blend the design of the Silverstone Raven with the Antec 1200; you would see the most desired case/enclosure of all time!
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