Spotlight on Windows is a free, easy to install tool that provides immediate visual feedback on pretty much everything going on with your system's internals, from CPU and memory usage to the actual traffic between these components. You can see the CPU accessing the memory, for example, and view the memory grabbing data from the disk and page files. Data monitored includes processor queue length, LAN usage, disk I/O, running processes, virtual memory and more.

Each measured resource comes with a helpful explanation that's just one click away, in case you're feeling a little overwhelmed, and can be viewed in a separate screen with more detailed charts. Using the Event Log function you can setup alarms to warn you whenever anything reaches critical levels. The real-time flow of data allows system managers to quickly identify any performance problems and eliminate bottlenecks in the Windows environment.

You can download the installer from our downloads section. To start using it simply setup a new connection by going to File -> Connect and choose a calibration period (by default it is set to 1 hour). Ideally you want to let Spotlight gather data from the machine over a longer period so it can get a representative snapshot of its daily load. Once you've done that you'll have a feature rich monitoring program at the low price of $0.